07 July 2012

clip art. a retrospective.

This is how we prepare your take-out, Round Eye.

Rohypnol and John Mayer music.

Meanwhile, inside the subconscious of White America...

Just another Tuesday for Mariah Carey.

A still from The Smeller's the Feller, directed by Ingmar Bergman.

Somehow, I'm convinced the Germans are behind these.

The flag for fascist cripples. The Rising Wheelchair.

The church bulletin advertises
another charity car wash.

'Why, yes. My son draws clip art rectums for a living.'

You shouldn't let Hal Holbrook do this to you. Whatever this is.

Popular clip art in Modern Kibbutz advice column:
'How do I keep Hezbollah from sniping at my lemon grove?'

Hey, look, kids! It's Packy the Pedophile®!

The Iwo Jima of Ancient Childbirth.

No, Gay Dog, don't do it!
It gets better. 

Agent to Model: 'Exactly how serious are 
you about wanting to book a job...?'

Don't feel sorry for Lazarus.

Anderson Cooper?? Really??

Just the tip, honey.

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