12 July 2012

dead or alive.

I am nothing if not an inquisitive man. (Except about dumb or boring stuff.) In a recent post, I mentioned that Olivia de Havilland—who appeared in Gone with the Wind—as an adult!—was still alive. While celebrating her longevity (under the assumption that she's not a drooling mummy who has to wear arm restraints so that she doesn't smear feces on her face), I started wondering which other celebrities are still alive but are keeping it a closely-guarded secret—and also which ones had died but hadn't made a big fuss about it—like Whitney Houston made about hers. (We get it, Whitney. You're dead. We're impressed.) 

To that end, I have compiled the following (abridged) lists of the living and the dead. Of course, you must remember that life is a precious and ephemeral thing, and those who schedule a dental appointment at this very moment (Thursday, July 12th, 2012, at 9:35 AM EST) may not survive to have their fillings replaced next week. So if you are intending on getting one of these people a birthday card this year, it would be wise to double-check with Wikipedia first. (Often Wikipedia knows before even the dying person does.)

Surprisingly Living

Mickey Rooney, 91
Has died since this was posted

Ann B. Davis, 86
Has died since this was posted

Abe Vigoda, 91

Gavin MacLeod, 81

Charlotte Rae, 86

Lauren Bacall, 87

Bob Barker, 88

Eva Marie Saint, 88

Jean Stapleton, 89
Has died since this was posted

Robert Guillaume, 84

Monty Hall, 88

Celeste Holm, 95
Has died since this was posted.

Judge Wapner, 92

Doris Day, 88

Al Molinaro, 93

Surprisingly Dead

Laura Branigan, 47

Falco, 40

Mary Frann, 55

Shari Lewis, 64

Alexander Godunov, 45

Shirley Hemphill, 52

Bruno Kirby, 57


  1. I'm older than Falco was when he died. Whoo - I've made it!

  2. Wait... 1940's movie star Lauren Bacall is two years younger than 1970's television star Jean Stapleton? They seem like icons of such different eras. That offends my sense of good order.