04 October 2012

movie house of the rising run.

Fact: Japanese culture kicks your culture's ass. They've got samurai films and Harajuku girls, and their capital city looks like Blade Runner, for Christ sake! What more could you want from a tiny wisp of a country in the Pacific? Think about it. If not for the atomic bomb, you'd probably be speaking Japanese right now—and you'd be a lot smarter and more productive, probably. (Stereotypes are okay if they're positive ones, right? Right.)

Japan pretty much annihilates the competition in the graphic design department, too. Here are some Japanese horror movie posters that both prove my point and tie in nicely with the Halloween Film Fest:


 Pet Sematary 


 Halloween 2

Friday the 13th Part V

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3


Dracula (1972)


Day of the Dead



Carnival of Souls


Flesh for Frankenstein

1 comment:

  1. Doesn't the face on that 1972 Dracula poster look the the joker from the campy 1960's Batman tv show?